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Course Options for Student Drivers

A 30-hour classroom theory program designed to introduce the fundamentals of driving. Areas covered will include basic skill, driver preparation, various types of roads, vehicle maintenance, insurance, road signs, state law, etc. The 2-hour parent class to educate parents/guardians about the content of driver education, the JOL law, and the driving skills and behaviors that their children will be learning.

Classroom preparation and a minimum of 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation is required by state law.

Traditional Courses
Since beginners and their families have different needs, we offer several programs for teen drivers. All courses include the 30-hour classroom for students and the 2-hour mandatory class for parents or guardians.


Classroom for students and parents and 12 hours driving plus 6 hours observation. Designed to meet the minimum state requirements. Driving will include all basic maneuvers, plus parking and preparation for the state driver's exam.


Classroom for students and parents and 15 hours driving plus 9 hours observation. The additional time in the vehicle is included to smooth out any rough areas. This usually allows students to receive more comprehensive highway driving.


Classroom for students and parents and 18 hours driving and 12 hours observation. A more comprehensive program including sufficient practice time for most students to become better versed in all aspects of beginning driving. This course is designed to build confidence while preparing the student for the real world driving situations that all drivers encounter all the time.

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At Parker Driving School,
Our Mission is Your Child

We are committed to making this next generation of drivers more prepared and better equipped so they will become safer and more courteous drivers. Trust your child's Driver Education training to the experts – the professionals at Parker Driving School.

Call 800-675-3258 and see why Parker is leading the way in Driver Education training.

The state road exam is not included in any of the Parker driver education courses. If you wish your teen to take the exam in our vehicle after their final lesson, there is a fee of $125.00.

Without our traditional courses, a stand-alone road exam is $150.00.
Private driving lessons are $50.00 per hour.

*The cost of the license and test appointment is $85.00 payable to RMV (effective July 1, 2014). This is in addition to all other costs.

The $85.00 fee should be paid in advance by calling the RMV at 1-866-627-7768.

Prices effective as of 8/1/12

All prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice.

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