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Course Descriptions

Learning to Drive was Never This Much Fun!

Learn from the Pros.

Parker Driving School has been training truck and bus drivers for almost 2 decades. Doesn't it make sense to learn from a seasoned professional? Our experts train drivers to anticipate dangerous situations and develop critical decision-making skills. Student drivers learn how to be aware of what is going on around them, recognize hazards, assess risk and anticipate trouble.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Collision-Avoidance Techniques
  • How to Manage Space, Speed and Time
  • Defensive Driving
  • The Physics of Driving
  • Basic Car Control
  • Emergency Situations
  • Safe & Courteous Driving

Serious Fun.

Parker Driving School SUV

In addition to classroom training, we use modern cars for all road training.

Additionally, we use training and teaching tools that make learning more enjoyable. What's it like to drive when you're drunk, tired or on drugs? Our Drunk Busters Goggles simulate what it's like to be impaired. Could you walk a straight line, pick up your car keys or catch a ball? Could you pass a field sobriety test?

We also incorporate special guests such as police officers and insurance representatives to talk to students and parents about real driving world situations.

What's That Sign?

Drivers encounter many signs and signals on a daily basis and understanding them is essential for safe driving. At Parker, we take the time to teach our students everything they need to know so they're prepared for any situation.

Not Just Good Drivers, But Courteous Drivers.

One aspect of our training program focuses on something we all need – Driver Etiquette. A wide variety of situations are encountered through classroom video and on-road situations, such as handling different types of stop sign intersections, changing lanes and approaching intersections with signal lights. Our students learn how to share the road with others.

Give Us A Call.

For more details about our comprehensive Driver Education Program, call our office. We can schedule your son/daughter for a time that works within your schedule and budget.

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All prices listed on this website are subject to change without notice.

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